tulift bra inserts, supportive bra, work out supportDo you ever have moments when you are working out and your sport bra is either squishing you too much and or not supportive enough for those jump squats? Do you ever have to wear two sports bras to hold everything down so that you get the “support” but you end up with a uni-boob? We definitely had those moments, which is why we decided to invent Tulifts! Tulifts bra inserts is a part of patented technology that helps woman look and feel good while working out.
We support the a breast muscle called cooper’s ligaments that are bands of tough, fibrous, flexible connective tissue that shape and support your breasts. When those are broken, it’s hard to repair and we want to support those ta-tas even during the toughest and highest jumps. Our bra inserts hold you down, support your breasts so you can spend more time working out and less than adjusting.
tulift bra inserts, supportive bra, work out support
Recently, we’ve also been into a lot of holistic healing. If your breasts have hurt your back or you just need pain relieve from working out, our founder/owner have recently tried acupuncture for 8+ months. We’ve found that it relieves stress and pain without having any invasive done and taking pills that could possibly harm your liver. You can check out her testimonial here! 
tulift bra inserts, supportive bra, work out support
Whether is holistic healing paired with Tulifts or you just try one of the two, let us know and tell us how it went for you in the comments below!