Tulifts Wire Free Bra Inserts


Embrace your body and your workout. There’s no need to compromise one or the other! Tulifts no-wire bra inserts are a revolutionary new patent-pending technology designed to give support, comfort and enhancement for the sports bras you already own. Made from the finest materials available.

Use our wireless bra inserts casually, athletically, and comfortably. Functional and versatile.  Read our sizing tips below



Why you need the Tulifts Wash Bag

Thank you for loving Tulifts™️ inserts and our lingerie wash bag. We now offer our adorable wash bag in a set of 3 for all your  intimate washables. No more lost socks, ruined panties, ruined bathing suits, or destroyed bras. And of course the best way to wash your Tulifts™️ inserts. Don’t forget shoe laces and even headbands after that amazing workout you just had  while enjoying Tulifts™️ comfort,  support and enhancement!


Tulifts Wash Bag offers :

  • Convenient zipper closure
  • Holds all your intimates and more
  • Never loose anything in the wash again.
  • Even usable for makeup when you travel!!
  • Looks adorable, your friends will love this unique gift.