Tulifts Inserts – Includes Wired & Wire-Free set + Wash Bag


Tulifts ™ has just received our new version… wire free insert. I’m so excited to include our wire-free set FREE with a purchase of wired inserts! You get both sets of inserts plus our wash bag!

Tulifts inserts are a revolutionary new patent pending technology designed to give support, comfort and enhancement for the sports bras you already own. Made from the finest materials available. Read our sizing tips below.




Are you wondering what size to buy?

-Another way to judge size: if you are in between sizes and looking for enhancement, go down in size. If you are looking for more support, go up a size. Because Tulifts™️ inserts are individual cups, it makes it easy to find the perfect look and feel you are looking for.

Thank you so very much for the comments and support you have offered Tulifts™️ inserts! We value each and every one. Our goal is to help every woman look and feel her very best. That is our message; Empowerment Through Undergarments!

Tulifts offers :

  • comfort
  • Support
  • Enhancement
  • Light weight
  • Breathable
  • Stays in place
  • Universal with any sports bra with a “pocket”
  • Comes in it’s own wash bag for super convenient washing
  • Once you try Tulifts, you will want to use them with everything that has a “pocket”

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