Our Testimonials

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Tulifts™ is not just a brand, it’s a mindset. Every time I wear my Tulifts™, I’m a happier, more confident person, and I feel more connected to others who have had times they felt self conscious about their bodies.”

Chelse Schipper

CEO, The Era Agency

“I was shocked at how comfortable Tulifts™ were — I don’t want to not have them in! They make me feel strong and feminine. I used to do pageants and I’ve had so many things stuck to me, fastened to me, glued to me… where were these 10 years ago?!”

Ivy Carnegie

Founder/CEO, Aura Avenue

“I’ve worn Tulifts™ in my swimsuit many times, and they’re so comfortable I forget I’ve got them on. As a surfer, the first time I wore them under my wetsuit I was amazed by the shape they gave me — my body had contour again! Not only that, but everything stays in place, which is no small feat out in the ocean!”

Jessica Rogers