I’m Debbie Corley, founder and owner of Tulifts LLC. I want to thank you for the opportunity to share the Tulifts story with you.
I invented a completely unique insert (Tulifts™), which can be used with sports bras or any other bras that includes an opening for inserts, a “pocket”. The technology is patent pending (provisional application has been filed), international patent has been filed.
I became passionate about yoga, weight lifting and overall fitness because at the age of 12 I was told I have severe scoliosis and would need surgery, my parents wouldn’t agree to this surgery. When I was around 16 I realized I needed to to take the best care of my body I possibly could, I have over 90* of curvature in my spine. I’m extremely passionate about fitness and have given motivational speeches on scoliosis and body image. My tag line for Tulifts is “Empowerment through undergarments”
When wearing sports bras generally, women’s biggest complaint has been their tendency to flatten you out . Because I am naturally small chested, very active, and spend several hours per week in the gym, I wanted to see if I could get some additional support and possibly even some enhancement to make my workout experience even better.
My Tulifts inserts weigh just .4 of an (A cup) ounce and can be used in any sports bras with a pocket, bathing suits, evening gowns, bralettes, and even wetsuits!!
Tulifts inserts are a dream come true for me and I hope I can pass my dream along to you as Tulifts enhance your workouts