When Debra Corley walks into a room, “powerful” may not be the first word that comes to mind. Striking yet petite, the initial impression belies the fierce determination, tenacity and conviction that drove her to invent and market a revolutionary product that is all about empowerment.

Diagnosed with severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine) at the age of 12, Debbie faced challenges and adversity far beyond the painful self-esteem problems that many pre-teen girls endure. When her parents opted out of recommended surgery, she chose to dedicate herself to learning everything she could to enhance her circumstances. She fervently researched how to help her body heal and strengthen itself through nutrition and exercise.

Debbie, of all people, knows the importance of self-worth, and that body image supports esteem.

Yes, she faced teasing for her difference. But, rather than despair or feeling self-conscious about the curve in her spine, she focused her mind on being the best version of herself. In fact, it was the yearning to enhance her own strength and confidence that Tulifts™ was born.

Decades of working out herself and hearing from other women who prioritize being physically active, it became increasingly apparent that while sports bras may appear more fashionable, they haven’t become more functional, comfortable or flattering. So Debbie began her journey to solve the many shortcomings of existing options in workout wear.

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Article by : By Diane Bucka, California Business Journal correspondent