Support You Deserve: What is Tulifts Patented Technology?

A lot of people ask us, "What's tulifts and what does it mean?" "What's the patented technology that supports my boobs and me?" So, today we are going to break down the actual technology behind Tulifts! 

Tulifts is a completely new concept for all sports bras. To be honest, you can apply it to anything with a bra insert (i.e., wedding dresses, gowns, bathing suits) 

With patented technology inside the cup that helps support your boobs, it supports your cooper's ligaments which is the breast tissue right by your boobs! Tulifts will help with the "pulling" down the chest when you are running and keep your boobs in place without having to adjust your bra ever 3 minutes. 

Up until now there have been few changes in how a sports bra is made, the first sports bra was introduced in 1977. Now with Tulifts patented technology you keep your own sports bras and turn what you love into functionality, support, comfort. Tulifts wicks your sweat away, and traps sweat away from your body. Tulifts offers tremendous support in our clinical trials, we have been able to reduce the balance factor up nearly to 70% in runners. Our foam is layered in a very unique process and also contains an invisible built in support system. The inserts can be used in any article of clothing that has a pocket in place.

We tried to address issues that we faced while working out or wearing a cute dress. No more nip slips, no more adjusting! Try them out and let me know what you think!