Tulifts FAQ

In today's blog, we've gathered some frequently asked questions about Tulifts and answered them for your convenience. Let's delve into these questions: 

tulifts bra inserts

Q: Why are Tulift bra inserts different than others? 
A: Tulifts have a patented technology that helps lift the boobs and stabilize movement in the chest while working out. This helps with back pain and uncomfortable adjustments during workout. The stabilization comes from a patented design that's inside the insert! 

Q: Are Tulifts bra inserts padded? 
A: Yes, we have both padded and non-padded options! Tulifts are padded and have a built-in support system. A,B & C have a push up feature and our D & DD do not have the push up feature but have a double support system in place. 

Q: Are Tulifts full coverage cups?
A: Yes,  unlike inserts you receive with you sports bras, Tulifts are structured, wired or non wired cups that fit into the entire space of most sports bra cup pockets.

Q: Can Tulifts be used with other garments?  
A: Yes, Tulifts can fit easily into any garment, swimwear, halter tops, or dresses, wedding gowns and evening wear. If your garment has a bra pocket in place, Tulifts can easily fit in! 

Q: Can Tulifts be left in place while washing? 
A: Yes! Tulifts can be left in place while washing if you wash your garment in the Tulifts wash bag provided (free with your purchase)! 

If you have any other questions, please submit them to our instagram at @tulifts or email us at tulifts@gmail.com ✨