Online Workouts You Should Try

Have you been missing going to your gym, your yoga or Pilates classes, and missing your workout buddies? I definitely have been missing all of that because going to yoga was my safe place and a place serenity.

Since the pandemic, I've had to make so adjustments to how we are going to workout. Here are the three workout classes that you should try right now:

  • Lifetime Workout Videos: One of the ways I’ve stayed healthy and in shape is through online classes and selfcare videos. Since I’ve been a member of Lifetime Athletics I was hoping lifetime would have some workout videos similar to the classes they offered in their clubs. Lifetime put up some absolutely fabulous classes, from yoga to boxing to weigh training. These videos made it really easy to try something new every day, and at the time of day that worked for me. These videos made it easy to try something new to see if I liked that workout all in the comfort of my own home. For example, I probably would not have tried a weight training class at the gym, but now, when it’s safe to return to workouts, I’ll definitely try some new classes.

  • Beginner Yoga Classes: If you are wanting to discover yoga and you are brand new to yoga. I found a really good beginner YouTube yoga instructor, Yoga with Adriene. She has such an amazing variety of classes. She has some really great very basic beginning yoga classes along with some more advanced classes. The variety of all levels I felt was unsurpassed of all of the Yoga videos I’ve seen online.

Have you tried something new online? I’d would love to hear from you what interesting online classes you have tried.