Home Exercises to Clear Your Mind

Today on Tulifts, we are discussing at home exercises to clear your mind and maintain healthy body (no matter what age) with Debbie Corley, founder and owner of Tulifts! 

Since the pandemic, I've been so grateful for all the videos that have been shared on social media, from gyms and fitness trainers around the world. While we are at home, getting moving really helps with clearing the mind and helping the soul! When you get moving, you get those endorphins going and it lifts your mood and spirit.

How can you decide how to receive what you need from your workout routine for you mental clarity? Let discover this together: 

  • How long should a workout be to show benefits? Most experts say 30 minutes a day, with enough intensity to feel your mood lifting and your mind clearing. I recommend you choose something you love to do. You may have to figure that out, and definitely don’t feel you have to stick with one thing because I believe change is good. I love to be in hot yoga (though I'm not able to do that right now) I practice at home! These days, I've also been climbing the hill next to my house. There's no one there ever, so it's a good place to social distance and do something different than yoga. 

  • Mood boosting exercise has far reaching benefits. All exercise will help reduce stress, strengthen your heart, improve blood pressure and boost your immune system.
  • Morning Workout: With being in quarantine, many of us have a completely different schedule than we did a month ago. Maybe it’s a good time to try a morning exercise routine. I love the first thing in the morning exercise option. When you work out in the morning, not only does your mood lift for the rest of the day but you have all the benefits of your workout lasting all day!!

What are you doing for your mental and physical well being? I’d love to hear from you!

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