Breast Health - Let's Talk About It!

Today on the blog, we are talking about breast health by Debora Corley. 

As many of you know, I invented Tulifts to create a better support system for sports bras. I wanted to encourage women of all ages to get out and exercise in comfort and confidence, that the girls will be supported. While I knew how important exercise is for healthy breasts, and there is so much more we can do to keep our breasts healthy and well cared for. Here are some tips for keeping your breast health up to date:

  • Exercise: The American Cancer Society recommends two and a half hours of cardio exercise per week. I recommend the type of cardio that is best for you is what you will do consistently. Cardio exercises can be uncomfortable for your breasts if you don’t wear the proper supportive foundation, this is where Tulifts come in, great support, excellent comfort, sweat wicking and no uniboobs here. And, so importantly, yoga and Pilates are really good ways to also get in exercise, I finish yoga and Pilates with meditation, a calm mind is just good for overall health.

  • Become Best Friends with the girls: Well, get to know every inch of them with self breast exams. Here is the link to learn the proper way to do a breast self exam Don’t get upset if you find something unusual, just remember this is like your baseline for you. Definitely have it checked out by your doctor and you will rest easier, most lumps are completely worry free.
  • Understand what kind of nutrition you need for your body. I avoid foods with natural estrogen, an example is soy. I try to limit this in my diet along with a very limited amount of alcohol, and I try to eat a low fat diet. I choose vegetables rich in colors because they usually are higher in antioxidants and carotenoids. Also folic acid is good for breast health, spinach is my go to for folic acid, I put it in my morning juice.
  • Don’t skip on any breast screenings. Early detection can literally mean life or death. Check with your doctor at what age you personally should get your baseline screening and what screening you personally need to keep your breasts healthy and happy. There are many types of screenings today so check to see what the latest test and best screening is for you. If you have breast implants, make sure you have them checked and if they need replacing consider doing that. I’ve had friends who recently have had explants and their health has greatly improved.
I hope this blog has been helpful and let us know if you have any other breast questions! Make sure to wear your tulifts during your exercises so you can keep your supported at all times! #supportyoudeserve