Tulifts - bra inserts that work, short hair blond girl working out on the beach

Tulift’s works differently by supporting breast tissue in a new way. The typical bra inserts that come with sports bras don’t support and just fill the pocket so that you don’t have anything showing through (especially when you are cold)! At Tulifts, we have two versions (i.e., wired and non-wired), but the magic of Tulift’s comes from within the cup itself. The patented insert has a built-in support system which keeps you comfortable, wicks the sweat away, supports breast tissue from center to side, without creating a “uniboob” and covers the nipple with no nip slip ever! If you want to learn more about why the ‘center to side’ support system is important when working out, check out this post about how we support the cooper’s ligament.

short hair blond girl working out with tulifts bra inserts that work

Now that you know the technology behind Tulifts, we are so excited to announce that we will be doing a huge sale on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! We have learned so much from the fitness community we are so grateful – so, it’s time to give back! Part of proceeds from the sales will be donated toward Laura’s House, a domestic violence prevention advocacy non-profit ✨

Tulifts - bra inserts that work, girl working out on the beach

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Model: @paradisefitnesswithcarly
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