About Tulifts

Tulifts inserts were created because we believe in the power of exercise and promoting self esteem in women.

What Are Tulifts

Tulifts inserts are the first revolutionary inserts of its kind to actually offer support through enhancement. Founded by Debra Corley because Debra wanted to help women create a healthy body image through exercise, comfort and support.

Originally invented for use in sports bra pockets, Tulifts also work amazing in swimwear and even evening gowns, or any garment with built-in pocket! An entirely new concept. They’re made with the highest quality materials and detailed design which means they stay in place.

Learn how Tulifts inserts works here

Tulifts inserts empower women with the freedom to really move while giving the confidence that comes with looking great.

The patent pending technology Tulifts inserts offers support for the outer, inner, and under a woman’s breast, giving complete sports bra support in a brand new way.

Whether upside down in a yoga pose, diving to the ground in a volleyball game, lunging after tennis ball, or rock climbing with literally no hand to spare, women will not have to pause the action to adjust their sports bra coverage those days are over!!

Features & Benefits

  • Support and comfort with a patent-pending design
  • Interchangable with any sports bra that has a pocket — almost every brand
  • Only weighs .4 oz, incredibly light for the amount of support they give
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that’s machine washable
  • Various size options
  • Sold individually and in a three-pack

Meet Debbie, Founder of Tulifts

Debbie knows the importance of self-worth, and that body image supports esteem. As a pre-teen she was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, and avoided surgery through dedication to nutrition and exercise. Rather than feeling self-conscious about the curve in her spine, she focuses her mind entirely on being the best version of herself. Watch her story here.

Debra’s spine with scoliosis.

Debbie believes in feeling empowered by what she wears. When working out she realized that while sports bras have become much more fashionable, they haven’t become more flattering or comfortable — so she created Tulifts!

In addition to supporting women with their workouts, Debbie also helps personally with a cause close to her heart. Laura’s House is a shelter and resource for victims of domestic violence, where Debbie found aid at a critical point in her life and continues to volunteer.